2022 Winter Meeting
Ottawa, Ontario – February 3 and 4, 2022:
Join us for presentations, exchanges, networking …and Winterlude
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2022 Annual Conference
Whitehorse, Yukon – June 22 to 24, 2022:
Attend an informative conference on unique capital aspects
in the Wilderness City
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CCCO is all about the historic, cultural, economic and symbolic heritage of the capitals of Canada.
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Working Together to Improve Canada's Capital Cities

Canada’s capital cities play a unique role in Canadian society, with over 10 million people in 14 capitals. The capitals have diverse populations, climates, geographies, histories and cultures, but they share a common responsibility as the seat of government and the symbol of collective identity and citizen aspirations.

How does a capital city stay relevant and distinctive in the modern age?

For over 25 years, a collaborative organization has been working quietly to help Canada’s 14 provincial, territorial and federal capital cities define and express their identities. Founded in 1995, the Canadian Capital Cities Organization (CCCO) serves as a network for beneficial cooperation.

Canadian Parliament Building in Ottawa - Canadian Capital Cities Organization
Photo credit: National Capital Commission

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