Linking Canada's Capitals

Canada’s Capitals

Canada’s capitals are special places filled with memorable experiences. They reflect our identities as residents of provinces and territories and our national capital reflects our identity as Canadians. The capitals are where we learn about our provinces, our territories, and our country.

The capitals are where we celebrate who we are: our values, our accomplishments, our diversity and our ties to our country. The capitals represents the many faces of our mosaic, nourish our connection to the land that we cherish, and provide us with an authentic experience of our heritage. In our capitals, we honour our past and look to a shared future, and strengthen ourselves collectively as Canadians.

Canada’s capitals are alive with stories that emphasize our history, our heritage and our cultures. We preserve them so that our young people will have the opportunity to visit their capitals and to add their own stories. This will encourage a sense of pride in their provinces and territories and in their country, and an appreciation of peoples’ achievements.