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National Capital Commission

Photo credit: National Capital Commission
January 1

About the National Capital Commission

Building on more than a century of experience, the NCC provides unique value in the Capital Region by fulfilling three specific roles: long-term planner of federal lands, principal steward of nationally significant public places, and creative partner committed to excellence in development and conservation.

Here is our strategic planning framework:

  1. Address the condition of NCC infrastructure and assets, including the official residences.
  2. Facilitate the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats, and revitalize the islands and shorelines to become destinations of national significance.
  3. Execute an asset management and financial sustainability strategy.
  4. Develop and communicate land use plans, and provide timely and effective coordination of federal land use and design in the National Capital Region.
  5. Provide leadership in achieving an environmentally sustainable and resilient National Capital Region and exemplary stewardship of federal lands and assets.
  6. Demonstrate corporate excellence as a federal Crown corporation, such that the NCC is recognized as an employer of choice in the National Capital Region.

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