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Photo credit: Ottawa City Hall

City of Ottawa

Canada’s Capital Region is situated at the confluence of the majestic Rideau, Gatineau and Ottawa rivers. It comprises the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau, and is home to over 1.2 million residents — making it the fourth-largest city in Canada. In addition to being a thriving international technology and business centre and a recognized centre for academic and professional training, Canada’s Capital Region is also a world-class tourism and convention destination. With its historical architecture and its many national institutions, parklands and waterways, the Capital is rich in culture and heritage. Ottawa is also the location for a large number of foreign embassies, representing countries around the globe. The Capital Region offers an open and welcoming environment to a diversity of cultures, providing services in English, French and a host of other languages. Residents of Canada’s Capital enjoy an enviable quality of life that is known around the world. 

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Ottawa - Rideau Canal - Canadian Capital Cities Organization
Rideau Canal
Ottawa - City Hall - Canadian Capital Cities Organization
Ottawa City Hall

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